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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  December 18, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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we're guessing sort of a minute or so later. >> how much time do i have? >> the senator has 29 minutes and 20 seconds. >> how many minutes? >> 29. >> i thank the chair. >> that's where it picks up, but there is this gap of about a minute that's just gone. we know what happened during that gap because we have the written congressional record from that day. do you want to know what happened? well, senator mark dayton is making his case against the war and runs out of time. he asks for an additional 30 seconds to finish his remarks and john mccain says no. you cannot have an additional 30 seconds. now, specifically, here's how it goes. hi, kent. >> hello. >> so, i'll be mark dayton and you be john mccain. so, mark dayton says, i ask for
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unanimous consent that i have 30 seconds more. >> i object. >> thank you. so that's what it says happens in the transcript. but it's not on the tape. so, is this one eight of a gap? i have no idea. why does it matter? because john mccain, for the last two days has been publicly outraged over the fact that democrats are now objecting to any senator getting any extra time on anything so that senators can keep on track with a crazy schedule to get health care voted on by christmas. here is joe lieberman having that whip cracked on him by al franken. >> will provide an opportunity for broad savings for health care and insurance for pretty much everybody in our country -- >> spoken for, the senator has
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spoken for ten minutes. >> could i ask unanimous consent for an additional moment? >> in my capacity as senator of minnesota, i object. >> really? oh, okay. don't take it personally. >> sorry, not a minute to spare. nothing personal. here was senator john cornyn. >> americans know this is going to make an unsustainable status quo even worse. yet the president and the majority -- >> your time is expired. >> mr. president, i ask unanimous consent for an additional two minutes. >> i object cht. >> i thank the senator for his courtesy. >> same deal. here's how mark dayton, you shall have no more time, jomz john mccain, reacted. >> i've been around here 20
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something years. first time i've ever seen a member denied an extra minute or two to finish his remarks and i must say that i don't know what's happening here in this body, but i think it's wrong. i never seen a member denied an extra minute or so as the chair just did. >> i've never seen it happen. i would love to show you john mccain doing that exact same thing to mark dayton in 2002, but it's apparently gone from the archives and we have only our lame re-enactment which i had with kent, of him doing what he says he's never seen done in all his years in the senate. all of this drama is because the democrats are in a full-on sprint right now to get health reform done by christmas. because of the antihealth reform strategy of just delaying everything. harry reid is now up against it in terms of how he's going to
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get this bill passed in the next six days. because of all sorts of procedural rules, here's what we think the breakneck pace is going to look like. a rare saturday morning schedule tomorrow at around 7:30 a.m. then harry reid will introduce his manager's amendment to try to get conservative votes. that will take probably from six to eight hours on saturday. then on sunday, senators will have the opportunity to make speeches for and against the health care bill. then the moment of truth, around 1:00 a.m. monday morning. that should be the vote to break a expected republican filibuster. if democrats get 60 votes on
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that one, that's essentially game over. there will be a series of additional votes to pass the bill, but really, the filibuster is the thing. 1:00 a.m. monday morning is the big deal. this weekend's schedule, the need to hold votes at all sorts of odd hours led to some late night drama when the senate reconvened an 12:01 a.m. part of the drama included an ailing 92 robert byrd being wheeled into the chamber to cast his vote and then castigate republicans on their stalling tactics that required the late night session.
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it's an awkward standoff. them applauding him for being there, him saying shame, shame for making him be there. senate democrats are going to great lengths to get health care passed by christmas and republicans are going to similarly create lengths to stop it. they say that parliamentary rules are based on war fair. joining us now is mark begich of alaska, previously seen keeping a tight schedule in the senate yesterday afternoon. thanks for your time tonight. >> i have to say as a drove to the studio tonight, there's a little bit of snow starting to come and i hope when we're in tomorrow morning at 7:00, it piles up about two feet outside and keeps us there until we're done. i can smell the snow in the air. >> that's how people know that you're the senator from alaska. when it starts to snow, good news, now we'll get something done. >> that's right.
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no school, no time to leave. maybe they'll even shut down the cafeteria. it's going to be, we started like you said, early this morning at 1:00 a.m. my attitude is the shenanigans are just outrageous. even without the majority making that decision, i might have just done it because i'm fed up. it's not what i came to washington, d.c. about. i came here to do business. get the business done for this country and here we are on a defense bill which in the past, has never had a problem, based on what i've seen and studies and yet, they're using it and our soldiers as a pawn, which i think is outrangs and a total disrespect. >> we've been thinking about this as the fight over health reform. but what happened last night, the reason senator byrd was getting wheeled in after midnight last night, am i right
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to say it's because they're f l filibustering the defense bill? >> you're right. we received a note yesterday from the caucus, secretary of state gates, if my midnight tonight, we are unable to fund the military, we can argue over if the war is good or bad, but the fact is, we have soldiers on the front line rk we have families at home that need their services and support them and last night, was the vote to break the filibuster to move forward. the reality was we had only three republicans join us and then after that vote, senator durbin, the majority whip, asked a very simple thing to get an agreement vote right then and be done so we can move on to health care. it's interesting, the republican minority had a press conference today saying this thing will pass. but what they've done, which i
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think is outrageous and the american people should be outraged, and that is they're using them in the pawn of their game. more of these parlor tricks. and the people put on the front lines to defend this country are the ones being used by the republicans as a pawn in their political games. if you think about it, it's funny to think about they want to offer amendments on health care. great, let's sew up and be done and put the health care bill on the table and see what their plan is, which they have yet to show us. >> in terms of the timing, democrats have your work cut out for you, really nom margin of error. are all 60 senators going to be united? >> i'm feeling more confident. i think what they're doing the starting to backfire.
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you saw with russ feingold, who is not for additional troops in afghanistan. he put that aside because he is no unified with the caucus and it's time to move forward. you never know as you can tell with the news accounts every minute around here, things change, but i'm feeling the democrats are becoming more unified to do the right thing for our military, our defense of this country, but also the right thing to move health care forward. like you said, there's going to be a test come early monday morning as the first test and i hope we're all together, but when russ feingold told us he was ready to put aside for this moment, this important moment for our country, his concern about the increased troops, i think that was a brave statement on his part and something the caucus appreciated and he did what we needed to do. move forward. but the fact they are using our
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soldiers as pawns in their game is outrageous. like i said, ynt come to washington, d.c. to play these games. i came to do the business of this country. come here, deal with health care, this economy. get things back on track, and the republicans have no interest in that. >> mark begich of alaska, thank you for your time tonight and good luck with what i'm sure is going to be a very snowed in weekend. >> i'll be look forward to it. >> thanks. of course, everybody will be watching to see what the effect of snow is on senator ben nelson. senator nelson leaving a meeting with senator reid today saying that he still had come to no deal with senator reid in terms of coming up with language on abortion that senator nelson would be comfortable with. we will be keeping an eye on that. both president obama and
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james inhoff went to copenhagen for the climate change summit. one of them was able to help broker an agreement with other nations on climate change. the other one's middle name is mountain. a andria mitchell joins us. and if you like politics, news from the white house and talking about drinking, i have essential and exclusive reporting just for you. and you'll save big on the paid-in-full discount. and the anti-theft thank you. discount. and the homeowners ah! discount. the e-sign discount, and the paperless discount. the multi-freckle discount. i'm just making sure you're listening. and, not to mention the multi-policy discount. would you like one great big bag or two still pretty big bags? giving you the gift of savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. ( sneezing ) i didn't take zicam cold remedy... but i did.
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>> no. no, no, no. no more. no, no. >> my guys have to get in just like yours did. this is a joint meeting. my guys get in or we're leaving the meeting. these guys -- huh? >> no, i did not get in. >> this guy didn't get in. >> come on. robert gibbs ready to pull the president out of a vital climate change meeting because the american press pool camera man was getting dised and held back at the door. that allowed american cameras to get a few shots out of copenhagen. i don't mean to be weird, but thanks, man. when we want. when we're in the mood. it's our choice. announcer: today, guys with erectile dysfunction can be ready with another dosing option from cialis. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day,
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this was a very, very, very, very bad week. for james inhoff of oklahoma. so bad the only thing that could have made it worse if is lots of people hadn't noticed how bad. he had been promising for months and threatening for months that he would attend the u.n. global warming conference in copenhagen to lead what he called a truth squad of deniers to try to undermine the gaucnegotiations there. turned out, it was just him. a few aides and one staffer.
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instead of submarining the agenda at the conference with a series of talks with influential leaders, senator inhoff spent all of three early morning hours on the ground in denmark. he could not get any meetings with any representatives of any of the 192 nations represented at the conference including our own. and he did not give a speech. however, -- and then it o got really embarrassing. as he addressed the group, he said the global warming hoax started at the united nations and was spread because it was believed by the hollywood elite. a reporter from the german paper then told the senator -- that's ridiculous. you're ridiculous. senator inhoff apparently ignored the remark and after he left, quote, some reporters were still a bit confused about what
9:19 pm
happened. his name is inhoff, but i don't know if it's one or two "f"s. just the one. having executed a textbook example of white hot fail to embarrass president obama, senator inhoff got another kick this afternoon. by president obama. very symmetrical. against apparently long odds, after the frustrating week of possibility fading, the president pulled off some fairly acrobatic diplomatic maneuvers and emerged with an agreement with china, india, brazil and other nations on climate change. >> today, we've made meaningful and unprecedented, made a meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough here in copenhagen. for the first time in history, all major economies are come
9:20 pm
together to take action to confront the threat of climate change. >> joining us now is andrea mitchell. it's good to have you here. >> good to be with you. >> i know that you have some pretty extraordinary reporting about what happened today in copenhagen when president obama tried to get a deal. how did it happen? >> well, it's the craziest thing i've read. it's a tick tok given by senior officials. the president left before anything was signed, sealed or delivered. citing the snowstorm, aides wanted to get him back to washington. on the hill this weekend, it is the health care showdown. that said, he tried to get a second meeting with china's premier, wen. the 800-pound panda in the room is china when it comes to getting anything done on climate change and wen was not available and then he went to a meeting, the president did, and there was
9:21 pm
an underling, a junior chinese aide and the president said basical basically, i'm out of here. when they called and this does sound like an old laurel and hardy routine, they were told wen was leaving, that chinese officials were at the airport, that the indian prime minister was at the airport and they can talk themselves into a meeting with wen at 7:00 their time in copenhagen. the president ges there and that was the fakest you saw because the pool was supposed to be going in with a meeting between china and the president of the united states. instead, he found these guys who were supposedly at the airport already. brazil, south africa and india. they were caucusing against the united states. so, there you go. he didn't get what he wanted, but they accused him of barging into a meeting and he came out
9:22 pm
with something. clearly, a very disappointed barack obama coming back. they didn't get the goals. there is no transparency. they didn't do anything except announce what they've achieved. that would be very surprising indeed. >> in terms of the diplomatic acrobatics today, isn't it a big deal in india, brazil and south africa lied to the united states about where they're negotiators were? >> yes. it's a real dissing of the united states, very disrespectful. shows that the relationship with china is not as close, all this reaching out and these bilateral meetings have hnot produced the kind of trust on an issue this big, of such economic importance to those country, but the issue
9:23 pm
of such global importance. i mean, you can't overstate the importance to the world, but they blinked. barack obama at least forced them that they had to make some kind of agreement, but it is, it's a lot less than meets the eye. >> andrea mitchell, it's a pleasure to have you on this show, especially with this bizarre news that i wouldn't believe if you were not reporting it. andrea mitchell reports airs weekdays at 1:00 eastern. the new republican party has decided to enlarge their tent by inviting the even further right wing back into the fold. that story's next and my promise of vital news about booze an the white house still stands. try it!! [ female announcer ] when something's so good... now, that's what i'm talking about!! [ female announcer ] only need so much. the same is true with bath tissue too. that's why there's charmin ultra soft.
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two months from today, conservatives will descend on a marriott hotel in downtown d.c. for the political event of the season. the c-pak. it's kind of a big deal. not just for conservatives, but the republican party as a whole. it was there where reagan delivered his famous speech. he never said shining.
9:28 pm
post reagan, dick cheney, is a frequent speaker. at last year's, attendees heard speeches from all four republican presidential candidates. and this year will be remembered for the long, long, ranangry bu limbaugh speech. we can count on pretty much all the leading lights of american conservati conservative. ever heard of a john birch society? >> on the plane of action until the communists can be stopped from completing their sub ja gags of the world, there will be no opportunity to move forward. we have undertaken therefore to play a leading role in slowing down, stopping and eventually routing the communist
9:29 pm
conspiracy. >> the communist conspiracy. that's john birch society founder robert welch. a communist conspiracy they want to route in their fevered imaginings including president dwight eisenhower. according to the society, ike was quote, a dedicated, conscious agent. the society also contended that flour ride was a communist mind control part and -- to the league of women voters and the civil rights act. the society was so opposed to civil rights they responded to the supreme court's brown v decision to desegregate schools with billboards calling for the impeachment of the justice. the society campaigned way back
9:30 pm
against the united nations as again, part of the big communist conspiracy. they're still keeping the antiu.n. campaign going. also, opposing invicktous. yes, the new movie about nelson mandela and the south african rugby team. so imagine, that the right wing is like a rug. right? on the far edge of that rug is fringe. now, imagine that that fringe also has fringe. the fringe on the fringe of the right wing of the american conservative movement. as far back as the 1960s, the society was banished. in 1965, a couordinating
9:31 pm
commitment passed a statement, calling it a radical group. he was writing what buckly himself described as an excureuation of welch. he wrote quote -- that was how the mainstream conservative movement cut off the fringe back in the 1960s. but now, it's almost impossible to find the rug. the mainstream movement is starting to look like this. news today that michael steele will be holding a joint, antihealth reform press conference with dick army. so, all in one week, the republican party makes a big point of openly embracing its
9:32 pm
tea party fringe and the gathering known as c-pac announces it is exiled by the john birch society. joining us now the thomas frank, "wall street journal" columnist. thanks very much for coming on the show. >> how are you doing tonight, rachel? >> and i have to ask you to hold on because the people at home can hear you. ic i can see you, but our audio is broken. we'll have to come back while i either quit or buy a new piece of equipment. a heart attack caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix taken with other heart medicines goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone, to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death,
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with the ones you love. ♪ crest whitestrips advanced seal, the no-slip whitestrips. joining us now is thomas frank, author of the book, "wrecking crew." thomas, thanks very much for joining us. >> hello, rachel. >> i can hear you now. how's the john birch society
9:36 pm
been an outcast in conservative circumstan circles for so long just because it is for right or is it something about what it's like. more than the fact that it's really rk really conservative. >> i don't think you can say it's because they've gone so far to the right. it's also because they said things like dwight eisenhower was a communist. that goes a long way to make the republican party want to excommunicate you. >> the thing that seemed sort of funny -- >> funny, rachel. it's funny. >> i'm sure they ruined people's lives. i'm sure they've had bad impact on american politics, but they're so con pir tor yal. >> that's right. that's what their sort of gift
9:37 pm
is. we talk about the society as the fringe of the fringe, but you have to remember that also have, they gave the conservative movement something very important which is conspiracy theory. it is essential to the understanding of the world. the liberal elite. you referring earlier to senator inhoff, that's a big part, but then you add in the news media, people like me, various things like this and you have a full blown conspiracy theory. this is descended from the birch society. they have the fantastically con pir tor yal view of communism. communists were all around us. like every other person was a communist and they were all keeping quiet about it. >> they also thought the
9:38 pm
government of the soviet union and united states were being run by the same people. that there was invisible government above them both. not only in government, but among our neighbors and among every element of power. that sort of witch hunting add constitute, what i'm worried about, the society being brought back in to a group like c-pac, that the right is embracing the system. >> there's this guy on a different cable news channel. he's called glenn beck. he's very popular these days and talks about conspiracy all the time. he never spells it out exactly, but things are going on behind the scenes. the wires are being pulled, puppets are being made to dance. this is how the world works, the way he sees things. he has an extreme way of putting
9:39 pm
it and like in the 1960s, a lot of responsible conservatives have tried to excommunicate him from the movement. it's a more reasonable version of what the birch society was doing. >> i knew there was going to be something to us when glenn beck put a spokesman for the society on his show, even when he was on "headline news." even in 2007. i think this is eventually going to hurt. thanks for joining us. >> sure thing. so, chuck norris writes a super looney op-ed about how the birth of jesus is like health reform. and what happens? he becomes a leader against health reform. more of it come right up. stay with us. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch.
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them. last night, kent jones brought to our attention a puzzling new theme in the attack on health care reform. it's a holiday themed argument, really, raised by action star, chuck norris. >> chuck norris gave obama's plan a muscular smack down, quote -- chuck norris arguing in his column this week that health reform would have killed the baby jesus. merry christmas. if that seemed out there to you,
9:43 pm
then you are underestimating the rhetorical plank that they are willing to walk. turns out they are adopting norris's framing and building it out around health reform. here's tony perkins using the chuck norris theme at this week's prayer cast against health reform. >> isn't it a little ironic, here christmas time, where we celebrate the birth of a baby in a manger that we're talk about how this bill will go depends upon to unborn babies. >> so chuck norris comes up with hearod care on wednesday and by today, steve deucey and peter johnson turn the kru said into a full fledged play. >> could it be because he
9:44 pm
understands the true meaning of christmas? >> you have an interesting, almost christmas pageant. senator ben nelson, from nebraska, who's got a lot of experience in the insurance industry and was a very successful governor in that state. he he's saying the true meaning of christmas is that you don't destroy babies. >> ho, ho, no. no. with new marie callender's home-style creations. marie callender's home-style creations -- a little touch of home for lunch. [ male announcer ] becky loves marie callender's home-style creations. but where does she find them? not in the freezer section. that's why becky uses gps. not that kind. go to the pasta or soup aisle to find marie callender's home-style creations. keep up the good work, becky.
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a lesson until lieberman changing his mind again. the one thing standing in the way is ben nelson. right now, he is in the senate majority leader's office still negotiating. nelson repeated to reporters that there is no deal. no way to get his vote to end the republican filibuster. earlier today, he told reporters why he's not ready to abandon his promise, saying quote -- with all due respect, senator nelson hasn't even closed the gap with himself. last month, he told "the hill" newspapers so long the public option was dead, he would be fine with the abortion language.
9:47 pm
you know, when someone can no longer rationally explain why they're acting the way they are, sometimes to only way to make sense of what they're doing is to stop taking their word for it and investigate who they are. at this show, that means tmi. all right. kent. tmi, ben nelson. what have we got? >> well, the state senator nelson is from is deep red, just like a stop sign. >> good. >> reporter: the fate of health reform for an entire generation rests in the hands of earl benjamin ben nelson. nebraska, a state that hasn't voted democratic for president since 1964. remember that, you'll need it later. after deciding against became
9:48 pm
a rising executive in the insurance industry, eventually serving as director of the nebraska department of insurance and as ceo of the central national insurance group. just the man you want to decide the fate of the insurance industry? nelson then entered politics and was elected governor of nebraska for two terms and was elected to the u.s. senate in 2000 as a democrat. but remember, nebraska. can't stress that enough. senator nelson quickly became known as a legislator who was always reaching across the aisle to his republican colleagues. always. for instance, nelson played a key role in passing bush's 2001 tax cut and was the only democratic senator to vote against federal funding for stem-cell research. again, nebraska. the last national journal congressional vote rating placed nelson to the right of five senate republicans. president bush even bestowed on nelson his highest honor, a
9:49 pm
nickname. he would be called the benator. originally bush nicknamed him nelly but nelson jokingly proclaimed he would prefer something tougher. the benator was endorsed in 2006 with the endorsement of fiery liberal organizations as the nebraska right to life, the u.s. chamber of commerce and the national rifle association. nonetheless, nelson was a staunch supporter of barack obama's candidacy, so much that "time" magazine described nelson as obama's ambassador to the right. >> i just want to make sure i have your attention. >> reporter: he was his usual bipartisan self when he came on this show to talk about a compromise on the stimulus plan. >> without the intervention, without the three republican votes, they would get zero, because this bill was going nowhere with sick -- with 58 votes, with the democrats. that's not sufficient to pass anything. i think you can do the math. >> reporter: you heard the man. 58 votes is not enough to pass
9:50 pm
anything. one other telling fact. nelson is an avid hunter and has won both the domestic grand slam and international world slam for wild turkey hunting. and he has been on safari in africa. remember that as the health reform drama winds up. he has experience killing things. don't call him nelly. >> thank you very much, kent. appreciate that. coming up on "countdown," keith's take on one of his favorite stories of the year, tiger woods. plus, next on this show, exclusive reporting on very important political booze news. spirit to share with friends around the country. you know, priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service makes shipping simpler than no-bake peanut cluster. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. so sending macadamia moos to miami costs the same as sending sugar trees to sante fe? same price for snicker doodles to spokane or pumpkin pinwheels to poughkipsee. okee-dokee. okee-dokee. priority mail flat rate shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service.
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get an '09 malibu with 0 percent apr for 72 months. goodbye weekend. braun series 3 wits special shaving hea cuts short hairs just well as long ones and helps to minize skin irritation for incrediblymooth skin. tonight's cocktail moment is actually about cocktails, which makes for a nice change. very early on in the first year of this obama administration, this white house started hosting cocktail parties often on wednesdays, often with big bipartisan congressional guest
9:54 pm
lists. the social secretary desiree rogers said at the time, quote -- amen. the only beef i ever had with the white house over his cocktail diplomacy initiative was they never released any information over what sort of cocktails we were talking about here. i even back in february made an on-air plea for cocktail list links. president and mrs. obama have hosted another cocktail party at the white house totally on a school night. the open question, though, for me, what kind of cocktails are we talking about at this cocktail party? is this just an open bar? is it a catering bar? are there theme nights? our extensive research on this subject have thus far been stymied but these are taxpayer-funded spirits and, frankly, i want some oversight. if you have any information about what drinks the obamas are serving at their white house cocktail parties, please e-mail the show,
9:55 pm
>> that was from february at this year. we even had producers call up members of congress to find out what drinks were served but no one would tell us. now it's ten months later. i'm still obsessed with finding out what cocktails are being served at the obama white house and finally have something to report. at one of the parties on tuesday night this week, bartender and sommelier dennis brown donated services making cocktails at the world. he was washington city papers bartender of the year for 2009. and here is my personal blurry low red no flash from the proof in d.c. him making actual classic american cocktails at their cocktail station at the white house on tuesday. there were other bars that were just open bars, including offering some incredible eggnog. but at this cocktail bar, derrick and add as many served three great drinks and even showed off the ingredients they were using. they put the bottles they were using on the bar.
9:56 pm
they chose great stuff. want to know what they were? first the emerson, a classic preprohibition cocktail using old tom gin, which is a slightly sweetened old school kind of gin that hasn't been drunk widely for probably two generations but being revived now. sweet vermouth, lime juice and marracino, which is a bittersweet liqueur old italian ladies pour on fruit salad. awesome. that was my favorite drink, the emerson. they served the stone fence, a classical colonial era cocktail that derrick put his own little spin in. the base is apple jack, which is george washington's favorite spirit, kind of like apple brandy, more like an apple whiskey made in new jersey. they then had a nice fresh apple sider and derrick's special touch, fee brothers aromatic bitters and mint. finally, last drink, the robert frost cocktail. yes, robert frost who roads
9:57 pm
diverged in the yellow wood and sorry i could not travel both. this is the drink not taken by me. i did not want to overdo it. but my girlfriend susan had a robert frost cocktail and said it was great. this is an original. derrick invented this. it has sherry, white port. i didn't even know there was white port. bourbon, a little sugar and orange bitters. so there you have it. an actual cocktail moment of actual white house cocktails. it only took me ten months to get it, and i had to report it myself because no one would leak this to me. but cheers to the white house staff for paying tribute to the great american art only of bartending. we invented that, you know. cheers to derrick brown for getting that gig and donating his services and cheers to my date, to susan, who had the presence of mind to tell me to take a picture instead of hopping up and down and hooting with excitement when i saw they were at work with a big bottle of apple jack. any hate mail you want to send
9:58 pm
me for taking about booze on tv, send to remember, martinis do not contain vodka. have a good night. which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? the big gamble by senate democrats to get their health care bill passed before the end of the year. the big push by republicans to kill reform and delay every bill they can. even funding for the troops. >> rarely have i seen such brazen irresponsibility and rarely have our nation's citizens received such little regard from their leaders. >> the price of gop obstructionism. everybody gets to work christmas. >> nobody's leaving. nobody's walking out on this fun, old fashioned family christmas. no, no. we're all in this together. >> we'll look at how harry reid plans to push the bill to a final vote in the senate. plus, will health care reform
9:59 pm
pay off in next year's congressional midterms or can democrats really make yet another election a referendum on george w. bush? >> and it's hard work. . the fierce urgency of now. >> all of you would not be here unless you, like me, were convinced that this danger is real. this is not fiction. it is science. >> president obama rushes to the rescue in copenhagen, trying to get china on board to fight climate change in talks with the chinese premier. blue christmas. >> you are not in kansas anymore. >> 12 years after taking us into the deep with "titantic," filmmaker james cameron takes us to a whole new world with "avatar." and tiger in the night. that's when the golf legend used to party. now he apparently prowls alone. at least keith's having fun with the scandal.


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